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Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Medallion Award presentation and book signing.

Iconic actor Barry Corbin led the festivities with his great stories and easy-going style.

It was as "Will Rogers" as it gets.  

UNBROKE HORSES received top honors in the Western Fiction category,

Robert Randisi received the ReadWest Foundation's President's Award for his lifetime contribution to Western literature,

and Charles E. Williams, Executive Director of the Will Rogers Committee, was presented with a beautiful belt buckle made by Clarendon, Texas master silversmith, Kevin Johnson.

We wrapped it all up with a foray to Billy Bob's Texas Honky Tonk for a great evening of fun with

good friends and fellow authors.

























JANUARY 6, 2014:  The Sterling and the Limon Prisons in Colorado selected both  THEY RODE GOOD HORSES and UNBROKE HORSES for their "Words Beyond Bars" inmate reading programs.

The following is an excerpt from a letter from one of the people who helps facilitate the program.


"Karen, I have just finished two books by D B Jackson called They Rode Good Horses and Unbroke Horses and they are selling here where our customer base is considered too sophisticated, proving we are not as literary as some think and that good books find readers, period.

I think in particular, Unbroke Horses will leave you and the group wanting more (of his books).

Are you sure?  I will  lead the discussion this time and you hang on.


Short story is Karen reads the book and is blown away.  She has the group in Limon read the book and leads the discussion reporting back full group involvement in discussion that was richly personal.


On Dec 19, 2013, I lead the discussion at Sterling Prison.

Every person read the book and in a matter of minutes the discussion was on the question of what do we do if we like evil

and doing bad, be it in self defense or other reasons, and then, can one act of violence be redeemed by a counter act of violence?

The fact that redemption in this book is found within the persons so inflicted and not by counter weighted violence was

fully endorsed by the group and not with an indifference to the difficulty inherit on not being as the proprietor.

Not only was the writing style dissected, but many other elements Jackson dealt with were discussed.

When the day was over, Karen said the discussion was one of the best ever

with prisoners demonstrating serious reflection."


Awards Photos by Ownbey Photography:

Wrangler Book Display



on Display at the

National Cowboy Museum.

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D.B. Jackson's new novel



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Randisi and Jackson

Randisi and Jackson at the Will Rogers Award book signing in Fort Worth.

DJ & LDP Sam Elliot Wrangler


With Lou Diamond Phillips, Wrangler Award wiinner for the TV series, "Longmire".

Another Wrangler Award winner.

Film and television star, Sam Elliott.




santa clarita


At the Melody Ranch Film Studio with screenwriter Courtney Joyner and actor Barry Corbin.

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Santa Clarita dj, Peter Sherayko


Wm. S. Hart Park with D.B. Jackson, Nathan "The Filmmaker", and Peter "Texas Jack" Sherayko.


A Note on the Words Beyond Bars Progarm


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PCCAA Awards



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