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G. Polley, literary blogger and writer, on UNBROKE HORSES . . .


An outstanding tale told by a master story-teller who paints with words.   (5-Stars)


Lyric prose. DB Jackson's Unbroke Horses is one of the best novels I have read in any genre.

Whether you are or aren't a fan of Western novels, buy a copy of this remarkable book, take it home, snuggle down in your favorite chair and settle back for a treasure of a book that fits as easily into historical fiction and general fiction as it does Western fiction.

The story, so well told, is a universal one.


An Amazon review by Dr. Michael Hogan (Guadalajara, Mexico) puts it very, very well:


"What makes it a classic novel is neither the compelling plot, nor the universal theme. It is instead the painterly prose of DB Jackson

who tells us a rip-roaring story but at the same time scatters a few white flowers with a sleight of hand that is magical." 


I couldn't agree more. The writing of it, the lyric prose and the telling of the story is what makes this a truly great novel to read and read again

and dream about.


The novel flows like two rivers that join, the one extremely violent and the other tranquil until the violent stream joins it.

The story of alcoholic Confederate General Ike Smith, his simple-minded brother Raymond, and the demonic mulatto Sandoval is brilliantly drawn in all its mindless violence that, in spite of its horror, is unable to change forever the lives of the good people who survive it.


The story of the boy Matthew Stanford's emerging from the horror of his experience with the demonic trio is one

of the most memorable stories of a troubled young man's coming of age that I have read.


Then there is J.D. Elder, the Indian No'Ka, Matthew's mother Sarah and all the others in this most memorable and moving of tales.

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Half Past Nine


A Band of

Unbroke  Horses

Small Moving Parts

When Harland Cain holds a .45 automatic to his head and bears down slowly upon the trigger, he experiences a profound sense of control over his destiny for the first time in his life.  He savors the moment and imagines the click of the hammer, the explosion, and the bullet spiriling through the barrel before everything turns black.


He hears the out-of-control screaming of tires on the pavement, followed by the sickening sound of metal crashing against concrete.  He lays down the pistol and crosses his yard in that pre-dawn darkness to find a young boy, bloody and dazed, sitting behind the wheel of a demolished pick-up truck.  

The boy, intoxicated but not hurt badly, spends the night on Cain's sofa and, when he explains to the old man he was on a quest to kill himself, the lives of the two are inextricably linked with consequences neither could imagine.

Fourteen-year old Matthew Stanford is kidnapped, bound about the neck with a rawhide lace, and kept barely alive by three deviant Civil War deserters who terrorize a small Montana town.  His ultimate confrontation with his kidnappers is a harrowing experience that threatens to set his life on a course no better than that of those whose evil he despises. In the end this is a powerful story of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Brady McCall, 10-years of age, and Franklin T. Stilwell, 15, begin a friendship tested by the loss of their families and the trials of growing up on the unsettled frontier of America.


"Wind River Incident" takes you on the sometimes rough and painful journey of the coming-of-age of America and the two boys who grew with her.  Poignant and in the end uplifting, it's an epic story with characters you will feel like you know personally.

Eighty-one year old Clayton Todd plans to ride out into the barren West Texas desert.  He does not plan to return.  


When fifteen-year old Bobby Earl Lee invites himself along for the ride, the two horsemen saddle up and leave before dawn on a journey filled with memories of the old man's past and the poignantly simple dreams of the young boy's future.  Clayton does not return with Bobby Earl Lee, but the legacy he leaves the boy will be with him forever.


Levi Jennings learns, at a high cost, that good and evil reside within us all.  Nothing prepared the young boy for the unthinkable choices he would be forced to make, and nothing could have prepared him for the consequences of his actions.

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 The Collector

A desperate man struggles with the hardship of scratching a living out of an unwilling land and suffers the final blow in the "Great Freeze-Up" that destroys his cowherd.  He turns to the life of a highwayman and resets his life on a course far worse than anything he could have imagined.

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The Oxbow Wolves

Fighting to survive a harsh winter, a man, his wife and two young boys band together when a pack of wolves decimates their cowherd and then redirects their lust for killing to them.

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 The Buffalo Runners

A father sends his young son away with two hardened buffalo hunters for the season, hoping he will earn enough to help pull the family through a financial crisis.  What promises to be their redemption becomes a tragedy.

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The Outrider

A mysterious rider enters the camp of questionable cattle drovers one night looking for work. Before the trip is over, nothing is as it appears.

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